Where Can I buy Quality Helicopter parts online?


If you're in the aviation industry or a helicopter enthusiast, you may find yourself in need of quality helicopter parts. Whether for maintenance, repair, or upgrades, sourcing reliable helicopter components is crucial for safety and performance. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to find and purchase these parts online. In this guide, we'll explore some reputable sources where you can buy quality helicopter parts with confidence.


  • Website: Heli-Mart
  • Heli-Mart is a well-established supplier of helicopter parts and accessories. They offer a wide range of products, from avionics to rotor blades, for various helicopter makes and models. Their website is user-friendly, making it easy to search for specific parts.


  • Website: Rotorcorp
  • Rotorcorp specializes in parts for Robinson helicopters, including the popular R22 and R44 models. They have a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. Their website includes detailed product descriptions and pricing.
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Aviation Mart

  • Website: Aviation Mart
  • Aviation Mart is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of aviation parts. They have a dedicated section for helicopter parts, where you can browse listings and contact sellers directly. It's a great platform for finding both new and used parts.

Dallas Avionics

  • Website: Dallas Avionics
  • Dallas Avionics specializes in avionics equipment and accessories, including those used in helicopters. They offer a range of navigation, communication, and safety equipment suitable for various helicopter models.

Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems

  • Website: Aerox
  • For those in need of aviation oxygen systems and related components, Aerox is a trusted supplier. They offer portable and built-in oxygen solutions suitable for helicopter use.

Aircraft Spruce

  • Website: Aircraft Spruce
  • While primarily known for general aviation parts, Aircraft Spruce carries a variety of products that can be used in helicopters, including tools, hardware, and avionics. They have a vast inventory and a user-friendly website.
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  • eBay Aviation Parts
  • eBay is a versatile platform for buying both new and used helicopter parts. It's essential to exercise due diligence when purchasing from individual sellers, but you can often find quality parts at competitive prices.


  • Trade-A-Plane
  • Trade-A-Plane is a well-known aviation marketplace where you can find a wide range of aircraft and helicopter parts. It's a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers in the aviation community.

Vertical Magazine Classifieds

  • Vertical Magazine Classifieds
  • Overview: Vertical Magazine offers classified listings for helicopter-related products, including parts and accessories. It's an industry-specific platform that can be useful for finding helicopter components.

Manufacturer Websites

Don't forget to check the official websites of helicopter manufacturers. Many of them have dedicated sections for parts and service, allowing you to purchase genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.


When you are looking to buy helicopter parts online, it is crucial to follow a few tips to ensure a safe and satisfactory purchase. Firstly, check the reputation and authenticity of the supplier. Opt for trusted and well-known websites in the aviation industry, such as those mentioned above. Read reviews and experiences from other buyers if available.

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Also, always check the compatibility of the part you need with the model and make of your helicopter. Technical details are critical to ensuring the part fits properly and operates efficiently.

Don't forget to review the supplier's warranty and return policy. This is essential in case the part does not meet your expectations or has quality problems.

Keep detailed records of all transactions, including receipts and correspondence with the seller. This will make troubleshooting easier in case of any issues.

Finally, if you are in doubt about the authenticity of a part or its quality, consult a mechanic or helicopter expert before purchasing. Their experience can help you make informed decisions and ensure the safety and performance of your aircraft.

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